Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tas Lit Tues: You've Got Buckley's

Today's spotlight isn't quite on Tasmanian Literature, but it is on something that has passed into popular expression, so I think it counts!

On Sandy Bay Road, just where Battery Point turns into Sandy Bay, is a little triangle of green.

See the sign? That explains the story behind the popular saying "You've got Buckley's", or "Buckley's chance".

Here is what the sign says:

Buckley's Rest
This reserve takes its name from William Buckley, who escaped from the convict camp at Port Phillip in November 1803, lived with indigenous inhabitants for 32 years. His remarkable story of survival is said to be the basis of the colloquial expression "Buckley's chance". He spent his later years living in Arthur Circus, Battery Point. Following his death in 1856 he was buried in St George's Burial Ground (est.1841) which was located to the rear of this small reserve.

So there you go! When you tell someone they've got Buckley's, your NOT telling them that they have absolutely no chance of succeeding/surviving/getting something/whatever, but that they have a good chance of soon having a fantastic story to tell!


  1. I knew that, not in that much detail though...

  2. what a wonderful post that's great to know!!!!! If you want to meet another Tassie knitter and blogger drop in on Cindy at http://2Paw.typepad.com she is a KNITTING STAR and has a list of Tassie bloggers too xx

  3. what a great bit of information! thanks for sharing :)

    btw i am another Tassie knitting blogger :) found you through Ravelry

  4. Chris - now that you know the details can you tell this story instead of the coke bottle one? lol

    Linda - I will add your blog to the list and I've sent off a message to 2Paw, just waiting for a reply :)

    Katt - I'm going to mosey over to your blog and have a peek.