Friday, January 15, 2010

Bruny Island Fare

As I have told you, my husband and I went camping with a bunch of friends on south Bruny Island from the 27th of December, 2009, until New Years Day, 2010.

While we were there, we partook in some freshly caught seafood (though let it be known we didn't catch any of it, we only ate what others caught):

Abalone... it was cooked a bit fast, I think, so it was a bit tough, but you still feel super special eating it because you know how expensive it is!

Crab. This was cooked to absolute perfection. Delicious!I think if you spread the legs out it would have been close to 2 feet (60cm) from leg tip to leg tip. Slightly bigger than the ones you find under the rocks around rockpools!

There was also flounder once or twice (which I helped to get on one night! They are freaky!), but that stopped after a midnight shark scare that actually left one of the guys knocked over in mid-thigh depth water (thankfully I wasn't helping that night).

While eating the freshly caught seafood, I couldn't help but think of the Aboriginal tribe that used to roam Bruny Island and how they would have eaten the very same things that we ate during that camping trip. 

I wonder if they considered Abalone a delicacy like we do?

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