Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tas Lit Tues: Online Resources

Today it is Tuesday! Time for some Tasmanian Literature related stuff!

I thought that today I would compile a bit of a list of sites to do with Tasmanian Literature - a sort of "resource post".

Good Places for an Overview of Tas Lit:
Association for the Study of Australian Literature > Tasmania (The first name listed in this article is that of my thesis supervisor, Philip Mead. In the next paragraph is some information about Danielle Wood, who in 2007 was one of my lecturers.)

Searching Resources:
The Australian Literature Resource (AusLit) (A fantastic database, which I used extensively for my thesis on Tasmanian children's literature.)

Tasmanian Websites: 
Brand Tasmania > Arts

Brand Tasmania Newsletter, February, 2004, Issue 34 (A page that give a brief summary of several books by Tasmanian authors.)

Fellowship of Australian Writers Tasmania (Meeting are held in Hobart once a month. The site also has biographical information on members, as well as information about members publications. There are competitions, but I gather that you need to be a member to take part in the majority of them.)  

The Tasmanian Writers' Centre  (The website for the Salamanca based Tasmanian Writers' Centre)

So, this is a start. As I find more sites I will be adding to this post, so expect it to be super long in a couple of years time!

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