Monday, November 23, 2009

Franklin Square

Franklin Square is the hub of Hobart. It connects Hobart with Kingston, Sandy Bay, Bellerive and even New Norfolk. It is where the buses drop you off and take you up. There are thousands of people that would either sit in Franklin Square or one of the bus shelters along its edge everyday.

 One of the entrances to Franklin Square.

Franklin Square is bordered on two sides by highway, one taking you through Hobart to the Eastern Shore, the other takes you to Kingston and the Channel. On another side is a street used mostly by buses, with parking for moterbikes down the centre.

Macquarie Street. I have spent many hours sitting in these bus shelters, waiting and looking at the buildings across the street. I love the difference between the buildings: one so old and beautiful, not quite overwhelmed by the modern building behind it.

 A giant chess board. The chess pieces are stored under the seats. It is unusual for no one to be playing!

People playing instuments - whether busking or just playing to fill in time - is a common occurance around Hobart. This is a guy called Aaron. He should be busking! I would have put some money in.

Franklin Square was named after Sir John Franklin, one of the Governers of Tasmania. The Franklins are famous for adopting a Tasmanian Aboriginal girl, Mathinna. When they left Tasmania, they left Mathinna behind, and Mathinna died not long afterwards. It is not known if she died accidentally, was murdered, or committed suicide. It is known, however, that she died in absolute poverty. Lady Jane Franklin was very into literary and scientific things and the Franklins were very good for Hobart culture. The town Franklin, in the Huon Valley, was named after them.

In the centre of the Franklin Square is a fountain. Nearly all the benches in the square look towards the fountain. There is a statue of Sir Franklin in the centre of the fountain.

The fountain in Franklin Square, with a statue of Sir John Franklin in the centre.

This photo shows the diversity of the people who come to Franklin square. School kids, emos, the elderly, and people who have immigrated here.

I trust you've enjoyed your visit to Franklin Square with me! Hopefully you can understand why I consider it to be the centre of Hobart. Personally, I'm a bit surprised there were no pidgeons around.

See more photos here, and go here to read more about Sir and Lady Franklin.

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