Friday, November 6, 2009

What do I know?

I was born in Tasmania, the little dot that floats in the Southern Ocean below Australia. I've lived here my whole life - yes, all twenty three years of it!

The local church, Bicheno. One week it is Anglican, the other week it's Catholic. All services are presided over by the same person. Welcome to Tassie!

This morning I realised something. I do not know Tassie very well at all. Sure, I've been to Port Arthur, Wineglass Bay and Mount Wellington. I've read novels and poems by other Tasmanians who were actually thinking about Tasmania and what it meant to them. I've written essays that look at aspects of Tasmania, but they are oh so superficial and have too many big words and no pictures.

The south end of Wineglass Bay - you won't see a picture like this in a tourist brochure!

What does Tasmania - my home, my birthplace - mean to me? I don't really know, except that I love it.

I plan on finding out.

Why don't you join me?


  1. A blog is like a log
    As long as you don't treat it like a hog
    You won't get stuck in a bog
    Or fall over a log
    Or start to sog
    So there!

  2. I shall bear that in mind! Perhaps if I treated it like a prize hog everything will be okay...