Monday, November 9, 2009

Mount Nelson: The Hill I Live On

Earthquakes have epicentres.

People have bellybuttons.

Possums have homes in hollow trees. Some of these trees I can see from my loungeroom window.

Here are some of the trees that are possum homes.

I love where I'm living at the moment. At an elevation of approximately 300m, Mount Nelson is high enough to get snow, and on hot days the cool breezes come mid afternoon. If I walk just a little way I have a magnificent view over Hobart and the Tasman Peninsula, which I will show you later this week.

Just a hint of the view that you'll be seeing soon!

Mount Nelson has a tavern, a local shop, the Signal Station Restaurant (my photos in few days!), a B&B, a firestation, a medical centre, a pharmacy, a sports oval and playground (with public toilets), a primary school and Tasmanian Polytechnic (formerly Hobart College). There is no petrol station. There are buses only once a hour. On the weekend there are practically no buses at all. If I catch the bus it takes me twenty minutes to half an hour to get to the centre of Hobart. About a third of the trip goes down "the bends" - a stretch of road buses were never meant to travel. One day soon I'll take you along with me.

Here's a bus trying to prove me wrong... they really aren't very frequent!

There are walking tracks all over Mount Nelson, which is surrounded by bush reserves. One reserve is dedicated to the most well-known Tasmanian Aborigine: Truganini. There is a small memorial to the Aborigines near the Signal Station, which I will show you in a few days.

Hmm, I don't think there are any possums up here.

This week is all about Mount Nelson. Tomorrow, I'm taking you on a walk around the bush reserve near my house, so there will be lots of photos for you.

If there is anything you would like to know about Mount Nelson that hasn't been mentioned leave a comment!


  1. Hi Kathy,

    really enjoying your posts as we are thinking of moving to Mt Nelson. Had a good look around and love all the bush and walking tracks but tell me. Just how cold does it get in winter? Anything not so good that you'd like to share?

    Might meet up in our travels - also a keen photographer


  2. Hi Anon!

    It really doesn't get too cold up here. There is a noticable difference between Hobart and Mt Nelson as Mt Nelson's elevation is 300m, and Hobart is next to the water. The worst bit is the wind! The wind is cold! And during winter it is windy a lot as it comes straight up the hill.

    Other negatives... there are only a few shops
    (but other shops are only 10 minutes away in Sandy Bay or Hobart). Buses are not that crash hot, and there are 'not-so-good for young family' area near the college.

    Honestly though, I love it up here, and feel no hesitation in recommending it to you.

    Kathy xx