Friday, November 20, 2009

Hobart, I Love You

Hobart fascinates me. 

It is the second oldest city in Australia, beaten only by Sydney.

It has a lot of trees. (Thank you, Hobart Council!)

Peak hour traffic would be considered nonexistent by non-Tasmanians, but we all complain about it like crazy.

Salamanca market seems to be its heart... beating once a week... it's a strong heart.

Hobarts Heart: Salamanca Market (John de la Roche)

Nearly anywhere you look, you are likely to see a heritage building next to a relatively new/modern one.

There are lots of art galleries.

There are lots of public toilets. Some are really quite nice. (Yes, I have my favourites.)

There are lots of pigeons and seagulls.

It really only has three main streets: Macquarie, Davey and Elizabeth.

There are some really quite modern buildings, most of which outraged the general public for at least a couple of months. The general public pretty much still is outraged, but now they just mutter to themselves. Zero Davey and this water tank home to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra are two excellent examples.

Remember this? The Myer Fire, 2007.

There are lots of little grassed areas, some hidden quite well (like the one behind the Playhouse Theatre).

It was named after a English person (as were most of Hobarts streets and the surrounding landmarks - Mount Nelson, Mount Wellington).

It has many fine dining restaurants and cafes.

It also has McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks (two, actually!), Darrell Leas, and Hudsons.

Starbucks did not survive. It was a bit too American for Tassie taste.

What fascinates you about Hobart?

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  1. Elizabeth St Mall, the clear water, museum, and the wonderfully fresh air! How I love Tasmania :D its the perfect city for anyone :D