Monday, November 16, 2009

The Truganini Reserve, Mount Nelson

Last week was all about Mount Nelson. Hopefully you feel like you know more about it now.

There was one post I didn't manange to fit into last week (the fog threw my plans off...) so I am going to post it now, as I feel it is important. 

Mount Nelson is surrounded by reserve bushland (land that cannot be privately owned or built on). There are actually two reserves: the Skyline Reserve, which extends along the ridge of Mount Nelson, and the Truganini Reserve.

 The offical Parks and Wildlife sign, indicating the start of the reserve area and who the reserve is dedicated to.

Not so much a vantage point to look at the view, as it is a place to remember the first people who live in Tasmania. The Aboriginal tribe most likely to have visited Mount Nelson would have been the Mouheneenner tribe, who lived where Hobart is now.

The Truganini Reserve covers the south-east side of Mount Nelson, from the very top right down to Lower Sandy Bay. There is a walking track, but I have not walked it (though apparently it is only a 90 minute return!). What I wanted to show you was the memorial to the Tasmanian Aborigines, which is near the Signal Station.

Here it is:

My husband looking at the memorial. He was told "look thoughtful", but I don't think he is acting.

Tokens of remembrance: small bunches of bark and flowers.

 A close up of the memorials text.

In case you are unable to read the writing on it, this is what it says: 
Truganini Died 8 May 1876
Truganini Park 8 May 1976
Dedicated to
The Tasmanian Aboriginal People
And Their Descendants


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  2. Hey, thanks for posting! I'm taking a class on Australian history all the way over here in France, and we're studying Tasmanian memorial sites...thanks for the photos! It's nice to actually see what this stuff looks like.

    1. Thanks for your comment, I think it's awesome you found me! So glad the post could be helpful.