Friday, November 13, 2009

Here's the View!

As you all know, the other day I tried my hardest to take some pictures of the view from Mount Nelson, but the low cloud proved to be too much of an obstacle. 

On Wednesday the low cloud was gone, so once my husband got back from work we drove up to the lookout to take some photos for you. Unfortunately, it was a bit hazy, so it is difficult to see the some of the most distant places, such as the Tasman Peninsular, but it is still gorgeous!

This is what you first see when you arrive at the Signal Station lookout. The pole is not the original semaphore, which was dismantled over a century ago.

When there is no fog there is actually a view! The lookout has a fantastic outlook. However, if you want to look over Hobart you will not be able to see it from here. Instead, you will need to walk over to a different lookout.

This is the view from the lookout that overlooks Hobart. At the moment there is a cruise ship in--quite a common occurrence. If you squint a little you can see the Tasman Bridge.

There are a lot of benches to sit on up here, each with a beautiful view. However, you do get very cool breezes up here, so it isn't particularly nice to sit still for an extended period of time.

This very hazy photo looks over Droughty Point (light green) and the beginning of South Arm. Beyond that (barely visible) is the Tasman Peninsular, where Eaglehawk Neck and Port Arthur are located.

In the haze is the rest of South Arm. Lots of people have shacks down there. Beyond it is the Southern Ocean and Antarctica!

A closer view of South Arm. In this shot you can see Betsey Island (that big lump) and the thin strip of land that connects South Arm to the rest of Tasmania. Apparently all the people who commit suicide off the Tasman Bridge are washed up on that long thin strip of land. I bet you all wanted to know that lovely little fact.

In the foreground is the Spit--a small peninsular that comes off the end of South Arm. You can see the beginning of it in the photo above. Beyond that is the first part of South Arm and in the background is the Tasman Peninsular.

What I love so much about this view is how it is layered (for lack of a better word). There is water, and then some land. Then some more water and then another strip of land. And then it repeats again. Beautiful.

To get a better idea of the view, follow these instuctions:

1. Follow this link to Google Maps.

2. Copy and paste this text into the search box: the station cafe Mount Nelson TAS

3. Zoom in as much as you can until it changes to street view. Now, it will be as if you are standing there! If you swivel it the whole way around, you will also see Mount Wellington, and the public toilets! (The brick builing with the little round window.) I know, exciting!

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