Thursday, November 19, 2009

Uncooperative Cameras Make Blogging Difficult (& Some Interesting Facts)

What would it mean to you if I told you I went into town yesterday with the plan of taking photos of Salamanca to share with you, only my camera batteries died almost instantly... MEGA-instantly.
Well, perhaps a slight exaggeration. I did manage to get a couple of good pics while waiting for the bus. On Mount Nelson. You guys must be SICK of Mount Nelson! Last time, I promise!

Though I suppose this picture could be from anywhere... trust me, it's on Mount Nelson. I would have taken more photos of it, but (you guessed it) the camera died mid-click.

DID YOU KNOW: The suburb of Mount Nelson is home to around 2 346 people, with the major industry being education and training, and a majority of workers being professionals.
Unfortunately, not all 2 346 residents have a view like this, over Bellerive and Howrah:

 DID YOU KNOW: Mount Nelson was named after the small sloop Lady Nelson, in which Governor Collins arrived at Hobart. The Lady Nelson arrived in Hobart on February 16, 1804.
For some more information about Mount Nelson go here (the comments about home ownership may be slightly offensive...)

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