Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Walk with Me: Mount Nelson Bush Reserve

I do not know why I decided to go for a walk in 30'C heat yesterday, except that I wanted photos. Why did I want photos? So I could show you what surrounds me on the hill that I live on... Mount Nelson.

Let's go walking!

Shade in sight! Can you see the water? Hint: it's brown, not blue.

 This is random.

Evidence of bushfires, happily not recent.

Evidence of recent rain.

 Enticing, but I don't think I'll walk down here today.

I'm standing in the same place as I did for the above photo, but I've turned 90' to the left.

 Mount Wellington through the trees.

Same shot as above, only I've zoomed in for you. You can just see the lookout on top - the little square lump.

 I love the angles in this shot. The sun is so bright!

 Huh? I don't remember seeing this before.

 Oh... I'm out behind Tasmanian Polytechnic...

 ...which has its own sweet view of Mount Wellington.

A Grevillea, I believe? Does anyone know if I am right?

The entrance to the Tasmanian Polytechnic.

Judging by the amount of tyre tracks in the reserve, I feel safe in venturing a guess that these by-laws are largely ignored.

Back to where we started. I really need a drink of water!

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