Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No View From the Top

One thing that I absolutely love about Tasmania is the weather. The other day  (Monday) was 30'C and brilliantly sunny. The next day (Tuesday) was foggy and damp, apparently reaching 19'C. I love it! Unfortunately for you, however, the fog meant that there was zero view from the signal station lookout. On the flipside, the atmospheric quality of some of the photographs is fantastic.

This was Tuesday on Mount Nelson:

This was taken from about the same place the last photo in yesterday's post. 

The fog is so thick I can't even see to the other side of the oval.


The tiny little lookout with an amazing view... of fog.

A view of the Signalman's cottage from  inside the lookout. Check out the reflection of my hand!

This was taken by John Beattie, c. 1890.  Click on it to open it in another window and read the text. I apologize in advance for how blurry it is.

Hmm... I don't know what these were used for, but check out the detailing on the ceiling and walls. I love it!

 Pictures of some of the flags that would have been used at this signal station. 

Under the eaves of the lookout. Such lovely details. 

Usually you would see Hobart.  Today it is just fog. Lovely, atmospheric fog!

A plaque on the outside of the lookout.  Click it to enlarge.

By the time I walked home the fog was starting to lift. The trees on the far side of the oval are actually visible here!

I think I can safely say that the fog and low visibility didn't ruin my photoshoot - it just dramatically changed it from what it was meant to be! Stay around for Attempt Two: Will We Finally See the View? Tomorrow, I'll be sharing a little history and maybe some photos of the Signalman's cottage (now a restaurant).

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